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    Most people discover mold once they see or smell it, usually the result of a water damage problem, but in other cases mold will grow undetected between walls or underneath floorboards. It you think that you may have a mold problem; it is advisable to identify it and address it as soon as possible. The more mold grows, the greater the difficultly it would be to remove.

    Mold can cause severe health threats for the individuals living in the affected location. In large quantities, molds can cause allergic symptoms similar to those caused by plant pollen. The most common health problem from molds is allergy symptoms including: Runny nose, scratchy throat, itchy eyes and in more severe cases sinus infections or skin rashes. Mold growths can often be seen in the form of discoloration, ranging from white to orange and from green to brown or black.

    To remediate/ take away the mold permanently the origin of moisture should be found and eliminated; otherwise fungal growth continues to occur. Specific procedures should be followed to securely remediate mold issues, the most crucial of which would be to reduce moisture levels that may facilitate mold growth. Elimination of affected materials following the source of moisture continues to be eliminated can also be necessary for remediation.

    Our environment friendly mold remediation services include:

    - Mold testing Los Angeles
    - Mold examination and lab testing
    - Black mold remediation Los Angeles
    - Mold damage restoration
    - Mildew Remediation Los Angeles
    - Air Quality Testing